Il libro dei sogni (La Gaja scienza) (Italian Edition)

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But the last few chapters forced me to give another half. Is it a novel? The cover says that it is a "Romanzo" Novel. But all through the book I felt that it was an autobiography. And I was not wrong. It was quasi autobiographical. Even furnished with photographs and newspaper cuttings. And it is here the problem. If Gramellini had limited himself to writing an autobiography, this book could be appreciated all the more. As a novel, t Should have been three and half stars. As a novel, this novel can be given just three stars.

No more than that. There are certain elements that distinguish a novel and I found those somehow missing in the book. About the story: It is a novel about a boy who loses his mother at the age of 9 and from then on lives in the world of 'lies' longing for the love of mother which is lost. Ebooks and Manuals

He lives in the world of lies for instance, he believes that his mother would come back somehow and thinks of her absence as her work transfer to America for he is not ready to accept the truth. It is only after forty years, he is courageous enough to face the truth. In that effort he is greatly helped by his wife Elisa who says that Forgiveness is the key which puts us in contact with the energy of love always.

Scienza e fede: i sogni premonitori

For the protagonist was not ready to forgive his mother for leaving him so early alone. He sees it as an act of injustice that has to be reconciled. But along the way, there are certain passages that can move anyone. For instance, the hopes of a small boy expecting his dead mother to come back are very well captured in certain scenes. The love of a father for his motherless son is another passage that can move anyone to tears.

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Face the truth and accept it. Live the present by forgiving the past. Life will be sweet. That is the final message of the book. This was a Christmas gift from a GR friend. And many thanks to her for this present. View 2 comments.

Yikes, I hate the low rating but this book did nothing for me. Okay, the story of the boy losing his mother was sad, and that sadness permeates page upon page. Losing his mother becomes the pivotal event upon which his entire life is based.

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I get that. I know people like that. But perhaps because I am from New England - get over it, deal with it, move on - I am less compassionate than some. We New Englanders feel; we just seldom wear our feelings all over our body. Having said that, Yikes, I hate the low rating but this book did nothing for me. Having said that, I read and read, trying to get hooked, trying to feel a connection to something other than a little boy's horrible sense of incalcuable and inconsolable loss.

I failed. Or the book failed. Or we failed together. Could this book hit all the emotional buttons on some people's psyches? For certain. It just didn't hit mine. One other thing, I did get a sense of the 'humor' or comedic element, as much of the book was written to what I want to call 'beats. Now, the punchline can make you feel happy, or laugh out loud, or just make you go oh! I felt that rhythm, but I never got the joke.

Or emotional hit. Just not the book for me perhaps. I received a copy of this book through the goodreads giveaway program. A work of fiction Given that the main character and author had the name Massimo in common and that the whole tone of the book was autobiographical I couldn't help but wonder if it was based however loosely on actual events. Whilst I found the nine year old Massimo's story a fairly touching one to begin with, unable to feel any real empathy for him as he grew from childhood to manhood and became increasingly self pitying I'm afraid that I rapidly lost interest.

According to the blurb on the back cover a novel that by turns is poignant and funny.

Poignant I can understand as at times it was an emotional read but as for humorous? I'm afraid if Sweet Dreams, Little One was in any way 'funny' the humour was lost to me. Alas not a book I particularly enjoyed as a lone reader but the thought stayed with me throughout that because of the potential for discussion this would have made an excellent read for my reading group. Copyright: Tracy Terry Pen and Paper.

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Disclaimer: Read and reviewed on behalf of publishers, Alma Books, I was merely asked for my honest opinion, no financial compensation was asked for nor given. View 1 comment. Jun 04, Chiara rated it it was ok. For certain, not a novel but an Autobiography. Second half of the book was good.


Last pages contained the whole content and sentiment of the book. I found first half a bit large, giving me the same images, without telling me anything new. It could be quite shorter. But second half ran very fast, images and emotions changed radically and eventually a plot twist gave this biography a place on my library's shelf!

I couldn't finish it. It was awful! Only moments after I got the book, I cracked it open and braced myself for a chilling and powerfully poignant read. But just five chapters in, I quickly began to lose interest.

Several chapters further, my eyes glazed over and I nodded off repeatedly. Once I got halfway, it took every ounce of strength to continue reading and not just throw the book aside. I even found myself having to take short breaks from reading the novel because it was more like a punishment for me to read. Now, the idea for this autobiographical novel is just brilliant. The idea of a young boy coping with tragedy at such a young age and then discovering how it would affect the rest of his life is not only fascinating, but also inspiring.

However, my main problem is that this idea was not well-executed. However, as the story progressed and Massimo got older, I grew so annoyed with his character.