Proverbs. Daily Devotions for the Good Life

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Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? God wants us to allow Him to lead us out of things not meant for us, toward Him. Sometimes this is terrifying, and our human instinct is to let our thoughts rush back to the familiar, but our present-future focused God wants our attention on Him. Eyes up, heart open, moving forward in His plan.


When we allow Him to heal us from the past, and we focus on Him and His great plan for us, He makes a way for beauty, joy and new life to flow back in. Rest in the sturdy hands of our Father, listen for His voice and trust His timing.

What lies behind us pales in comparison to what He has in store. Thank You for being a present-future focused God and for reminding me today that You call me to keep my eyes on You and trust the plans You have for me. I trust You, Jesus, and I believe in Your perfect plan for me. Please help me remember to turn all my anxieties and fears over to You and lean into Your Word and Your promises.

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Are you in a season of grief or uncertainty and find yourself longing for the familiar past? It is often in these wilderness times that God speaks most clearly to us. Take a moment to identify a special Scripture, and ask Him to settle your spirit as you wait for His guidance in your life.

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How would life feel differently if you were able to keep your eyes firmly planted on God and His promises for you? Share your ideas with us! Proverbs 31 Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit Christian ministry that seeks to lead women into a personal relationship with Christ, with Proverbs as a guide. Learn More. Give Now. If a heart craves the things of God and desires instruction, teaching, wisdom, understanding, and things that are pure and just and holy then that pathway will lead to a healthy and holy walk with God, one that will be blessed and filled with joy.

However, if one craves the things of this world that are sinful, the love of money, the love of lust, the love of lies, the love of ungodly entertainment, and so on then their pathway is also outline as it will lead to foolishness.

Proverbs. Daily Devotions in the Good Life

The question we must ask is what is delicious and what is despised in my life? Do you love to learn more about God and His Word? Are things that are genuinely good something that excites your mind and brings blessings to your heart? Fathers and mothers what are you encouraging your kids to love? Is it wisdom and understanding or ever present foolishness of this world? Let us crave what is good and proclaim the excellence of the riches of Christ!

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Let us tell the world of the greatness of the knowledge of God! I confess that there are so many times that I tasted of the fruit of foolishness and been lead astray from the path of wisdom. Help me to pursue a pathway that leads to you each day that I may be wise and help lead others to you. We have a pretty good supply of episodes on Netflix so anytime we want a laugh we can put on an episode and get a good chuckle. One of the episodes I remember was when they put on videos where babies were being given different types of baby food and their reactions were hilarious.

A mother would shovel in a spoon full of strained peas and the baby would look like it had been given a mouthful of dirt. Those videos were all about reactions just like this proverb. Here Solomon warns his son about who to and not to reprove. It would be like someone confronting someone about a shady business practice or talking to someone about how they treat their family and friends poorly.

The scoffer or mocker as it is in other translations is one who reacts poorly. A scoffer is basically a person living whichever way they think is best and most often refuses to live by any wise principle. They are quick to offer criticism but refuse to listen to any correction that might be given hence Solomon says that they will hate whoever rebukes them. A contrast is drawn with the wise man. A wise man will be reproved and in turn will love the one who has brought correction.

Daily Devotions In Proverbs

The picture that is drawn here is of one who desires to live his life in the best way possible and when someone points out a flaw he is grateful that someone has pointed it out to him so that he can correct it. This proverb has a dual lesson for us. One is about how we interact with others but also about who we are as individuals.

If we were truly honest with ourselves would we be scoffers or wise?

Daily Devotions In Proverbs

If someone corrects you how do you react? Youth, when your mom or dad tries to correct you what is your reaction? Do feelings of hate come forth or gratitude? Are you a person others avoid telling anything to because of the way you react? Is your tendency thoughtful contemplation of what someone says, or anger because someone thought you were doing something wrong? Let us be ones who can be reproved, instructed, and corrected that our lives might be better for it. Let us not forget that is exactly what God does to us throughout our lives by the Holy Spirit as He works to make us more and more like His Son Jesus Christ.

Let us be ones who love those who bring correction to our lives. Help me to never be one who hates correction but that embraces the chastening words of your Holy Spirit, Your Word, and those friends You bring into my life who show me the error of my ways.

Day 3 Roses or Refuse? One of the points of the poem is to speak about how we are all interconnected in life.

We moved your item s to Saved for Later. One of the episodes I remember was when they put on videos where babies were being given different types of baby food and their reactions were hilarious. The holy seed is its stump. Guard her, for she is your life. Fathers and mothers what are you encouraging your kids to love? How about you? Remember, you influence more people than you realize.

That no one exists completely separate and apart from one another. Solomon writes about the righteous, the wicked, and the influence they have on their neighbors. He states that the righteous are a guide to their neighbors someone that is helpful while the wicked lead them astray. The truth that is present here is that our lives affect others.

A picture that came to mind is a stinky garbage can and a bed of roses. Both of these things can be found at your house but they effect your neighbor greatly. Both smells will effect your neighbor however one will bring compliments the other will bring complaints. In the same way our lives can be like sweet smelling roses that bless, encourage, and uplift our neighbors or our lives can be like foul smelling refuse that taints our neighbors with the same wretched smell.

What kind of an influence are you? Are you a guide that is helping those around you towards a better relationship with God?

Proverbs. Daily Devotions in the Good Life - eBook

Do you encourage others around you with uplifting words of faith and truth? Are you one who is a guide on the path of righteousness or are you one of the many distractions that tempt people away from God? Back in high school when I was really beginning to really grow in my faith there was an upper class man that was in my Sunday school class I really looked up to.