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Obviously, it had a different tone from stories, such as just a year prior, where Machete is gutting an old man to pull a Bloodstone from his stomach. It seemed like this was a fluke at the time of release, but it was a sign of the cheese to come. As I've said before, this is the perfect border between Gru's great first half and the embarrassing 2nd half to his run.

There are a few filler issues before Lim jumps ship, which are adequate, but completely forgettable rehash of earlier plots, then the bad 90s art comes and Fonzie straps on the water skis for the cornball Superia Stratagem. The lead doesn't even make sense. Was Cap hallucinating the whole time? Was it an after effect of the ice? Instead of eating cake at a tame party despite Hawkeye's boast , maybe the Avengers and crew should have advised him to seek help immediately. X-Factor I liked Opal; she seemed like a cool enough "everyday" character to have around. She-Hulk 24 I really liked this art style of Bryan Hitch so much better than his current photo-realistic stuff.

Captain America Michael, between me not taking temporal references too seriously and USAgent not necessarily being an expert as how long it takes bodies to rot let alone being in a sound state of mind , i don't think it's worth cutting up the issue, which you know i prefer not to do. Punisher 45 Thanks, Morgan. Punisher 45 You have the montage of Frank's passengers twice, and some broken code and images towards the end.

The dialogue makes it clear that Left-Winger and Right-Winger have only been dead a week.

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So placing it this late means that they were alive at the time of Avengers West Coast Your placement basically turns Left-Winger and Right-Winger into Schrodinger's Cat- they're alive as long as John doesn't check to see if they're dead but as soon as John checks, they're dead. Doctor Strange Thanks Morgan. Michael, i think i intend to ignore that "suggestion"; i. But i may adjust when i get to the issue. New Mutants Oops I mean Rahne, yes.

And where does Topaz come from in the next paragraph? Moira being mind controlled into doing things she would never normally do with Sean and Sean enjoying that too much to notice- EW. Especially since Moira was raped before.

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The Korean Caper: Danvers Damsels - 7 (Part seven of the Mike Danvers Book 4​) eBook: Thom Robinson: Kindle Store. The Korean Caper: Mike Danvers Series (Part seven of the Mike Danvers) (): Thom Robinson: Books. Series: Part seven of the Mike Danvers (Book 7); Paperback: pages about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support​?

New Mutants 47 I always assumed that tentacles of Magus's were cut off by Magik's portals at the end of 46, but checking back, I guess the art doesn't support that. Punisher 45 I can't even with that third panel. Ghost Rider And this is where Ghost Rider's continuity becomes a mess. But he resembles Zarathos, or at least a demon, so closely, that even beings like Nightmare and Doctor Strange at first mistake him for a demon. This isn't a bad idea but unfortunately, Mackie never had any idea WHY this is the case. The easiest explanation would be that this is some trick of Mephisto's to trick Blaze into murdering an innocent but it's obvious by issue 16 that this Ghost Rider ISN'T Mephisto's handiwork.

So we get one convoluted story after another trying to explain the connection between the two Ghost Riders. X-Factor Note that Bobby's power-controlling belt has disappeared mysteriously and yet Bobby doesn't seem to have any problem controlling his powers. Doctor Strange Just a note, fnord, we're getting pretty close to Strange's participation in Infinity Gauntlet- Clea wakes from her sleep at the end of this story in issue 30, and in issue 32, it's suggested that she's only been awake a few hours by the time she has to destroy Silver Dagger's Dagger in that issue.

And we've still got Strange's guest appearances in Avengers and Quasar to fit in before Infinity Gauntlet. Darkhawk Why does Peter think Nova is an airhead?

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The "healing when changing identities" thing was probably DeFalco's idea since he came up with something similiar for Thunderstrike. Of course, it eventually turned out to be neither.

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And there were clues in earlier issues that someone inside X-Force's headquarters was feeding info to the bad guys. So, yeah, it was probably Liefeld's idea. David- You thought Feral was Dani? Are you sure you don't mean Rahne? Captain America And the main story just illustrates sadly how few legends a young country like the US has to draw upon. I mean "Uncle Sam"?

Really scraping for anyone to include. An elder of the Universe devoted himself to collecting 5 characters? No offense intended, please. Captain America Whats happening with John Walker is interesting because Gruenwald seems to be forgetting why he created the character in the first place. I think Walker was meant to show why Steve Rogers was the only man who could be Cap. Walker was created to be a jerk, bad example, zealot, bigot, etc all of which he proved to be good at. But somewhere along the way, Gruenwald fell in love with his character and started to like him as many writers do with their creations unfortunately defeating the entire reason for his existence.

What he did to a lesser extent with Diamondback. And "I promise i wont kill anymore. Spidey fighting supervillains ; either that or the Bugle has a really crappy business model. See, Englehart? Everyone hates your pet character except you and Ben Herman! Uncanny X-Men Jon Dubya -. This may just be personal preference, but, as a big, big fan of X-Men , ending with the death of Magneto that it was retconned out doesn't change the power of the death scene , I wonder where the "often considered" in your statement comes from?

Can you point to places where I assume you meant those are considered the last "good" issues? Uncanny X-Men Jon, you're right about the Russian commander. I didn't include it because dramatically speaking, that wasn't intended as the turning point. He kills the commander, arguably in the heat of battle but not really and then goes to kill Zaladane and has a page long debate with Rogue before making his decision and then making his speech about it. So he killed the commander but as it's presented still had a chance to stay on the redemption path, but chooses not to.

But you're right that killing the commander was just as bad, if not worse. Darkhawk Luis, re: encouraging him. Because those guys sell well. Just a joke. Liefeld wanted in on some of that, so made his own full-face mask character. I think that's where the blabbermouth joking aspect of Deadpool came from, in that he was inspired by Spider-Man. Uncanny X-Men I think these issues are actually pretty good. Indeed issues are often considered Claremont's last "good" issues of X-Men. I am surprised, fnord that you didn't mention a key scene from the fact that Magneto ALSO killed the Russian commander that turned on the team.

That seems like an odd moment to omit since THAT killing appears more crucial to Magneto's return to villany than the what happened to Zaladane. After all, Zaladane descended down to one-note power-mad supervillianess so Magneto still had an arguable reason for putting her down as a "threat-to-the-world" there are quite a bit of "heroes" around this point in time that would have done the same thing, after all However the Russian Commander had a again arguably sympathetic reason for hating Magneto enough to betray everyone and he was "just" a human.

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What makes this such a brilliant and chilling portrayal is that Mags is having none of it and basically turns the commanders justifications right around back on him before killing him. Somehow Magneto looked more sympathetic irony! AND more cruel at the same time. A very powerful moment!

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And forget about Zaladane and the Warskrulls. The biggest threats in this arc are the gigantic heaving bosoms that seem poised to smother us all! I mean Lila Cheney is just an adejuct to the team, and yet her cleavage is bigger than the main characters' heads. And Deathbed looks like she'said wearing an industrial-strength Wonderbra. To ensure fair to Jim Lee, though at least Rogue finally got out of her jungke-kini. And he continues to give Jubilee a "realistic" teenage body despite his obvious appreciation for "Baywatch-proportions. Darkhawk I was ten years old at this time. Darkhawk 1 was the second comic book I ever bought -- the first, spurred by my love of the TV series, was Flash 48, which was not a good jumping-on point for a new reader.

As much as Wizard made fun of him in the ensuing years, Darkhawk was my jam. I had literally every appearance. Fnord, rest assured, there is an explanation for his healing power, and it even almost makes sense. Also, the ending of this series is completely insane, look forward to that. It was called Round Robin or some such. I actually liked this title when it first came out but became bored with it pretty quickly. I picked the whole run up years later for pretty cheap. Darkhawk "Of course comparing him to the Punisher and Wolverine is just going to encourage him. Darkhawk This series is an interesting contrast with the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider that began almost a year earlier.

In some senses they are very much alike, but this book is far better by nearly any measure.

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Far less decompressed, much more focused a plot, much better characterization, a lot less cliches. Darkhawk Did Darkhawk appear in Maximum Carnage? I remember there were a few 'whut' heroes I had never heard of. Darkhawk was truly the year grimdark took over the MU.