The Unlikely Journey

‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry,’ by Rachel Joyce
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Christopher Yuan and his mother, Angela, who prayed and fasted for him for many years after she became a Christian. Courtesy of Christopher Yuan.

Angela prayed and fasted every Monday for seven years, and, at one point, she prayed and fasted 39 days straight for Christopher in her prayer closet. The faith-based novel, "War Room," was dedicated to her for her bold prayer: "Lord, do whatever it takes to bring this prodigal son to you. Maureen, although anxious about him, for a long time doesn't think of driving to provide help. Much later, when he has reached Yorkshire she drives up to see him.

She thinks of joining his pilgrimage, but when he invites her she refuses, saying "It was selfish of me to ask you to give up your walk. Harold also realises that his journey to Queenie Hennesy is also a way for him to resolve issues from his past and to listen to the problems of others, such as a "silver-haired gentleman" whom he meets in a cafe early in his journey, or a middle-aged woman with cuts on her wrists.

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He remembers how when he was twelve his mother 'walked out', and is aware that he is repeating her action. When he was sixteen his father 'showed him the door'. Later he went mad. Six miles south of Stroud he phones the hospice and is told that the stay, cure, or miracle is working.

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His decision to walk appears vindicated. He finds a cast-off sleeping bag and carries it with another bag, looking now every bit a gentleman of the road.

Faced with a shrunken bank balance he starts to sleep out. In Cheltenham he gives away his guidebook and posts home his debit card and other items. In the renunciation is the wonder of the impossible. It's awesome.

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InDepth Can the U. Read An Excerpt. An insane amount of hard work. Harold Fry is determined to walk six hundred miles from Kingsbridge to the hospice in Berwick-upon-Tweed because, he believes, as long as he walks, Queenie Hennessey will live. Monitor Political Cartoons.

Yours is the kind of story people want to hear" Before long they are joined by countless others from all walks of life. They do not use paid accommodation, always sleeping out or finding garden sheds.

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There are disagreements, thefts, and soon Harold is thinking, "if only these people would go. Would find something else to believe in" He decides to backtrack, which has the effect of throwing off the fellow-travellers who proceed directly to the Berwick destination. In the last stages of his walk Harold becomes badly disorientated, wanders around west of Berwick, sending home postcards from places like Kelso. But when he at last reaches the hospice where Queenie has been waiting, he decides not to go in, and the reader is told, by means of a confessional letter to the girl at the filling station, of another motive for the walk.

I was very flattered. So when Joss had given me that much confidence to carry an episode like that, it was just really, really exciting to get that script. At the time I was an actor living in Los Angeles, so I was literally doing all the things that he did in the movie in my real life.

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Like, I was sort of the awkward guy always pining for the girl, very much like his character. And that he had turned it into a movie that he starred in and what it did for his career. And then the next several scripts I wrote were all high-concept comedies sort of in the vein of Liar Liar and those Jim Carrey movies that were really popular at that time. And I had this moment of epiphany when I looked at all my scripts on my bookshelf and realized that I had spent five years writing movies that I would never want to see.

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And I decided I needed to write something I genuinely would want to see. And within 60 seconds the idea of the Florida recount came into my head. That was the beginning of Recount. So every job felt high stakes for me, and it felt hard to get any jobs as an actor.